Learn with Diagrams Interactive Grammar Course

Game-based learning that adapts to you

  • More advanced students move faster and less advanced students get more easy questions and second chances.
  • Suggested for 5th grade to graduate school
Everyone could use help with grammar.

  • Learn to avoid the most common grammatical errors.
  • Diagramming complex sentences improves reading comprehension.
  • Useful for standardized tests with grammar questions: SAT, GMAT, ACT, TOEFL, and TOEIC.
  • Optional lessons supporting Common Core.
Affordably priced

  • Hours of grammar game play for only $29
  • Access to the course for one year
  • Enjoy over 5 hours of lessons, games and videos
Mistakes are just something to learn from

  • Feedback is given for any incorrect answer, allowing you to try again and learn concepts through constructive feedback.
Comprehensive Curriculum

  • 44 video and interactive lessons:
    • Subject-verb agreement
    • Pronouns
    • Modifiers
    • Verb Tense
    • Sentence structure
    • Participles
    • Idioms
It’s OK to get addicted

  • Unlimited re-playability through June 2017
    (after June 30th you can only re-take each account three times).

Sample Diagrams

Sample Lessons

Level 1: Introduction

Level 2: Subject-Verb Agreement

– Compound Subjects

– Verb-Subject Sentences

– Collective Nouns

– Gerunds

Level 3: Pronoun Agreement

– Pronoun Antecedents

– Indefinite Pronouns

– Relative Pronouns

Level 4: Modifiers

– Irregular Modifiers

– Modifier Proximity

– Predicate Adjectives

Level 5: Sentence Structure

– Run-ons/Fragments

– Sentence Meaning

– Comma Use

Level 6: Verb Tense

– Progressive Tenses

– Subjunctive

– Active/Passive Voice

Level 7: Parallelism

– Correlative Pairs

– Comparisons

Level 8: Misplaced Modifier

– Participial Phrases

Level 9: Idioms

Level 10: Challenge Questions

30 Sample Questions