Teacher and Student Feedback

Learn with Diagrams is aimed to show students effective and fun way of diagramming and bring the solid understanding of grammar and reading comprehension skills. Explore the reviews of our clients to get a better idea of Learn with Diagrams software.

I’m really excited about Learn With Diagrams – because it’s making my language-resistant student excited about language!

Learn With Diagrams offers a simple, straightforward lesson and a chance to practice. No fuss, no muss, no goofy characters or complicated story to follow. Just get in, learn the concept, and then cement in your brain.
While I was not looking, my son had been positively GLEEFULLY completing lesson after lesson on Learn With Diagrams.
Learn With Diagrams, my son says, made the grammar lessons we’ve done in the past MAKE SENSE. It makes it logical in a clear and visual way that is PERFECT for a child who struggles with language arts lessons in the usual format. Read the whole review>>

Logical connections, creativity, complexity, clarity, language appreciation, and sharpness, all included in one easy tool.

I recently discovered an amazing tool in Learn with Diagrams to help prepare my children, particularly my oldest son, who is diagnosed with Aspergers. After so many disappointments, I was cautiously optimistic that this program would be a hit with him. My optimism paid off and it was a hit! He loved it! This programming is wonderful and affordable, too! It gave my oldest a great review of a diagramming and at the time of this posting, he has now admitted something…. He actually likes diagramming sentences now! Y’all, this is a huge! I am just so excited to use this for my kids to help prepare them for a new school year in Classical Conversations! Read the whole review >>

This was just the product I was looking for … challenging, comprehensive, and most of all, fun!

My kids had a blast working through the course materials. They were taking turns initially, seeing who could diagram the sentence the quickest. Soon, they both had their hands on the mouse wanting to work through all of the sentences. One of the things we enjoyed most about the lessons was that the sentences were engaging – not dry and lifeless. Learn with Diagrams is a fabulous program! I highly recommend it to all families interested in learning more about sentence structure or diagramming. Read the whole review >>

Learn with Diagrams is more than just a study aid. It’s a fun, hands-on way, to help a child grow in their understanding of how parts of speech work together to form cohesive thoughts and ideas.

I watched amazed. The speed at which my son progressed was just incredible. But more than that, I was stunned to see him slow down and read the feedback given when he made a mistake. That means, he really wanted to learn the concept because he knew he’d see it again and wanted to get it right the next time.
Seriously, I couldn’t get my son to stop playing! I heard him saying, “Yes!” when he completed a level. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times over our 9 years of homeschooling that grammar lessons ended in tears and frustration. So to hear excited exclamations is music to this homeschool mama’s ears. Read the whole review>>

Getting addicted to grammar

As my family has started playing around with the Learn with Diagrams course, we all find ourselves losing track of time as we journey through the levels of diagramming. It is so much fun.
My husband saw us playing around with the diagrams, and he had to get in on the action. Once he started in on the game, he was addicted. He wants his own account! Read the whole review >>

I was surprised at how much my daughter learned in just a few lessons.

While it’s awesome for homeschoolers, it also works for afterschoolers or even public school families that want to give their kids a bit more practice in ELA. And it’s a cinch to use!
My middle schooler learned so much about grammar (that she didn’t know already) in just the first several lessons!
And I (finally) learned how to diagram sentences! Woohoo! Read the whole review >>

Suddenly, fuzzy grammar becomes logical, categorical and, well, it all just fits together so neatly!

Somehow, a computer program telling you that you’re wrong is so much more objective and less cause for a meltdown that hearing it from Mama! My kids can see that the answer is wrong, correct it and know by the time they leave the computer that their assignment is complete, rather than waiting around for Mama and a marker to go at their work.
For this reason, Learn with Diagrams has been a great way for my oldest daughter to practice her grammar knowledge. Everything is explained clearly and even wrong answers offer the possibility for fine-tuning knowledge and taking another shot at it. Read the whole review >>

If I had realized how much the visual organization of diagramming sentences would help my son with grammar, I would have started long ago.

We had one struggle with grammar that I hadn’t been able to conquer: Some of my children couldn’t keep adjectives and adverbs straight. They did great with their daily lessons, but when it came time for review, they were confused by the two modifiers. After only two days of using Learn with Diagrams, my son had a better grasp of adjectives and told me, “It makes much more sense now!” Big win in my book! Read the whole review >>

I’m so happy to have found this new addition to our grammar lessons!

I have to say, I’m one of those parents who doesn’t care about making learning fun, but I’m all for including it in my kids curriculum if it’s a legit, well designed program. And let me tell you, Learn with Diagrams IS just that!
Lean with Diagrams is a new addition to our grammar lessons. I absolutely adore how it marries two of my loves: technology (computer based) and grammar. Read the whole review >>

Effective for Multiple Levels

My youngest seems to struggle with the diagramming and I was looking for an easy way to get her some more practice with it. I was thrilled to find Learn with Diagrams. While all students start at the beginning, the course adapts to the student. My 5th grade daughter is moving more slowly through the course than my son. For her she is given simpler questions and more of them. For him, he gets what is called a “Hot Streak Bonus”. The more he gets right, the less of each type of question he has to do, moving him through the program more quickly so he doesn’t get bored over doing concepts he has already mastered. Read the whole review >>