Learn with Diagrams Interactive Grammar Game

Game mechanics adapt to the student’s individual skill level

  • More advanced students move faster, and less advanced students get more easy questions and second chances.
  • Suggested for 5th grade to graduate school
Everyone could use help with grammar.

  • Learn to avoid the most common grammatical errors.
  • Diagramming complex sentences improves reading comprehension.
  • Useful for standardized tests with grammar questions: SAT, GMAT, ACT, TOEFL, and TOEIC.
  • Optional lessons supporting Common Core.
Affordably priced

  • Hours of grammar game play for only $29
  • Access to the whole course for one year
  • Enjoy over 5 hours of lessons, games, and videos
  • Bulk orders are available for homeschool groups. Contact us for a quote.
Mistakes are just another way to learn

  • Students get instant feedback, allowing them to try again and learn concepts through trial-and-error.
Comprehensive Curriculum

  • 44 video and interactive lessons:
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Pronouns
  • Modifiers
  • Verb Tense
  • Sentence structure
  • Participles
  • Idioms
It’s OK to get addicted

  • You can complete the entire course up to three times.

Samples of Diagrams and Questions

Homeschool Teacher Feedback

This was just the product I was looking for … challenging, comprehensive, and most of all, fun!

My kids had a blast working through the course materials. They were taking turns initially, seeing who could diagram the sentence the quickest. Soon, they both had their hands on the mouse wanting to work through all of the sentences. One of the things we enjoyed most about the lessons was that the sentences were engaging – not dry and lifeless. Learn with Diagrams is a fabulous program! I highly recommend it to all families interested in learning more about sentence structure or diagramming. Read the whole review >>

Getting addicted to grammar

As my family has started playing around with the Learn with Diagrams course, we all find ourselves losing track of time as we journey through the levels of diagramming. It is so much fun.
My husband saw us playing around with the diagrams, and he had to get in on the action. Once he started in on the game, he was addicted. He wants his own account! Read the whole review >>

I was surprised at how much my daughter learned in just a few lessons.

While it’s awesome for homeschoolers, it also works for afterschoolers or even public school families that want to give their kids a bit more practice in ELA. And it’s a cinch to use!
My middle schooler learned so much about grammar (that she didn’t know already) in just the first several lessons!
And I (finally) learned how to diagram sentences! Woohoo! Read the whole review >>

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Samples from the Interactive Grammar Course

Level 1: Introduction

Level 2: Subject-Verb Agreement

– Compound Subjects

– Verb-Subject Sentences

– Collective Nouns

– Gerunds

Level 3: Pronoun Agreement

– Pronoun Antecedents

– Indefinite Pronouns

– Relative Pronouns

Level 4: Modifiers

– Irregular Modifiers

– Modifier Proximity

– Predicate Adjectives

Level 5: Sentence Structure

– Run-ons/Fragments

– Sentence Meaning

– Comma Use

Level 6: Verb Tense

– Progressive Tenses

– Subjunctive

– Active/Passive Voice

Level 7: Parallelism

– Correlative Pairs

– Comparisons

Level 8: Misplaced Modifier

– Participial Phrases

Level 9: Idioms

Level 10: Challenge Questions

30 Sample Questions