Who can buy Learn with Diagrams? How much does it cost?

Bulk orders: Educational institutions and homeschool groups can request a quote.
Individual/Family: To order for a family or an individual, go here.

How do you integrate Learn with Diagrams into curricula?

Our Custom Curriculum allows you to create links to segments of your course. This means that you can link to our course, even use your own brand name and the links in the course will revert back to your site. Thus, the integration is seamless for online courses and schools.

Can you label the Learn with Diagrams course under your brand?

Yes, we can run the software on an alternative domain name with the labeling of your company. Thus, the product can seamlessly integrate with your course. You can even build a customized link to return your students to your online course.

Is Learn with Diagrams compatible with Common Core?

Yes, see the Common Core page for instructions on integration and a list of aligned lessons.

Does Learn with Diagrams work on an iPad or smartphone?

The Learn with Diagrams software uses Adobe Flash, so you will need to download Puffin to use on an iPad. We don’t suggest using it on an iPhone because the interactive features are too small for your fingers. It is better to view large sentences expansively on a bigger screen. You can run Adobe Flash on Samsung or Amazon Fire.

We suggest that you use a browser with Adobe Flash pre-installed, such as MSIE Edge.

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