Learn Grammar with Diagrams Demo

Diagramming helps teach grammar concepts. This lesson reviews the basics of grammar and how the diagram app works.


System Requirements

  1. If the app seems boggy, close open windows and applications.
  2. You must have Flash enabled. If your browser asks, please enable Flash Always for: http://sage.800score.com.php56-16.dfw3-1.websitetestlink.com.
  3. If the game doesn’t load properly, reload/refresh the page in your web browser.



1. Use the maximize button to toggle full-screen size (press ESC to toggle out).


2. Press the right arrow or the refresh button in the game if you have a problem.

3. If you place a word improperly, look for the green arrow to tell you the correct spot.

4. At the end of each question, you get +10 for each remaining life.

5. When you get enough points to pass a chapter (shown in the point bar to the left), you’ll jump to the map page and the next chapter (sometimes skipping lessons and questions).

Grammar Tips

  1. Articles (a, an, the) are a type of adjective. In the app, we diagram them as adjectives.
  2. Regarding terminology: We use “complement as the term for “predicate adjectives” and “predicate nominatives”. “Auxiliary Verbs” describe “Helping Verbs”. We group “Objects of Prepositions” as “Objects”.
  3. The intro level takes about 15 minutes to complete and is a quick refresher course on the basic parts of speech.


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