How to build custom learning modules and courses from the Learn with Diagrams curriculum.


Learn with Diagrams includes about five hours worth of videos, games, and questions. Individual interactive lessons may also be integrated into your existing grammar course:
  • Option A is a simple solution where you send out links for certain topics to reinforce learning. For example, if you are reviewing subject-verb agreement, you can distribute a link to that chapter.
  • Option B allows you to do select lessons for a particular grade.
  • Option C is like B, but it is specifically oriented to Common Core lessons for different grade levels.
  • Option D allows extensive customization. You can brand the modules under your company name, deliver small numbers of lessons, or seamlessly integrate the modules into your online course.

A) Choose a lesson plan from the course

Next, you have three options:

1. Click on one of the links from the list.

This will redirect you to the Level page.

2. Click on the "Copy" button.

This will automatically copy the custom link to the course to your clipboard.

3. Click on the "Show link" button.

This will generate the level's link next to "Show link" button. Distribute links to your students for that lesson.


B) Choose lessons by grade

1. Select a grade

2. Choose a lesson. 


C) Choose a Common Core lesson

1. Select a grade.

2. Choose a lesson.


D) Create a custom course

You can configure your custom link plan:

1. Select a course version (Test Prep version will be added in May 2017).

2. If you want to define your brand name, enter it into this field:

Your brand name will appear on each page under the Level name.

3. Choose a range of lessons for this link:

4. If you want to set up a custom back-link to your website, type in the URL in the "Your website link" field. 

5. If you have set up a return link to your website, you can write a message that will be displayed on your link, e.g. "Click for Acme School".

Your link will be displayed in the Table of Contents and on the final navigation button in the Game

6. When you are finished with your configurations, click on the "Generate link" button.

7. Distribute the link to your students or integrate it into your online course.


Samples from the Interactive Grammar Course

Level 1: Introduction

Level 2: Subject-Verb Agreement

– Compound Subjects

– Verb-Subject Sentences

– Collective Nouns

– Gerunds

Level 3: Pronoun Agreement

– Pronoun Antecedents

– Indefinite Pronouns

– Relative Pronouns

Level 4: Modifiers

– Irregular Modifiers

– Modifier Proximity

– Predicate Adjectives

Level 5: Sentence Structure

– Run-ons/Fragments

– Sentence Meaning

– Comma Use

Level 6: Verb Tense

– Progressive Tenses

– Subjunctive

– Active/Passive Voice

Level 7: Parallelism

– Correlative Pairs

– Comparisons

Level 8: Misplaced Modifier

– Participial Phrases

Level 9: Idioms

Level 10: Challenge Questions

30 Sample Questions