Learn Grammar Interactively

Educators have used sentence diagramming for over 150 years. Today, Learn with Diagrams uses game-like modules to help make grammar fun.  The course provides about five hours of lessons, games, and videos. The grammar game adapts to your skill level, so students of all ages can use it (suggested 5th+ grade). See for yourself with our free demo.

Grammar = Comprehension

Learn with Diagrams emphasizes the context of language with DynamicParagraphs. Further, we use the wit and wisdom of writers such as Mark Twain, Ben Franklin, Socrates, and Shakespeare to help teach meaning. Our mission is to improve understanding of English.

How We Make Grammar Easier

Easy Integration

Learn with diagrams lets educators customize learning modules and curriculum topics for their students. Educators can further customize the labeling of the course.  Learn more about integration.